A recent example of this was a High Street retailer whose contact centre had not been updated for over a decade wanted to implement a complex CRM solution

They had been trying to refresh the technology for many years and had failed to achieve this with the project actually having been started once and failing. We were commissioned to review the current estate and suggest a roadmap for delivering on three key requirements:

  1. It had to be affordable
  2. It had to be future proof
  3. It had to deliver the immediate requirement to support the CRM rollout in a very short time frame.

We reviewed the current estate with the existing technology team and looked at the options for this 1200 seat contact centre.

We worked with the client through the RFP process and even worked with the selected manufacturer to obtain an exceptional discount level and to select the best delivery mechanism in a manner that was fair and open. We stayed with the project through the delivery phase to ensure that the delivery met the key requirements and saw the project through to a successful conclusion.

The customer had very significant savings working with us and the manufacturer (Avaya) Achieving massive (50%+) discounts on list prices and saving well over £1,000,000 on the overall cost of the project.


A much smaller different customer needed to resolve an ongoing issue with their small contact centre based in the North.

As usual we started the process with a review and documented a solution, we then worked in conjunction with their incumbent supplier to reconfigure the existing solution to fit the requirement.

We oversaw this process and managed the changes delivering the company with its desired outcome far exceeding their expectations of disruption and complexity.

In fact we simplified the processes significantly making support easier and the whole user base have enjoyed the results.

The key to success in this case was working in conjunction with the existing Avaya partner to ensure the project was properly handled and deployed and fully tested ensuring a successful cut over.


A third example is of a much smaller business of less than 20 people where we have been working to update a number of systems and also working with them to develop and support their next generation SIP based product. This role involved developing the concept of the next generation solution from the current product ensuring that this was:

  1. Commercially viable
  2. Technically viable
  3. Would be much more future proof than the current range

This was achieved by leveraging a range of technologies including SIP and Linux on a chip into a new product with a clear development road map. Once the concept was agreed we managed the RFP process for a development partner. We are currently overseeing the development of both this product and the ancillary systems required to support it, these include:

  1. The Technical competency of the business in these new technologies
  2. Sales knowledge of the new product and how to target the relevant customer base.
  3. Revising the existing Web Portal from a non-functioning state into an effective solution

We are still working with this company having deployed a 3CX PBX for them and reconfiguring their internal network to suit the new products that will be coming on stream in 2016. We are also providing both Technical and Sales training to ensure that they obtain the best results from their investment

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